Generation is a young and fast-growing organization with a passion for connecting young talents to inspiring clients. We get energy from developing talents and find nothing more than to prepare you for the job market. For example through our training program (integrated with your study) or simply by helping you find your first job. Generation connects you to the world of tomorrow through:

1. Our belief in the power of sustainable employment relationships. By a temporary secondment trajectory, young professionals can enter permanent employment after one year the organization where they want to work. This is how you get into your new job plenty of room to develop as much as possible.

2. Investing in the development of young talent. Generation has next to it secondment trajectory a two-year training program in which students participate in their minor phase can be linked to inspiring clients. After the minor phase, you can the student graduating from the same client. After the study, the student receives an annual contract with a Post HBO education and can be a junior consultant at the battle with the client.

3. Putting people first. We believe in a personal approach, that's why Generation approachable and involved with the talents that join. Met this personal approach, Generation strives for an open culture, in which inclusivity and humanity are of paramount importance.

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