Innovatie Cluster Drachten


Innovatiecluster Drachten

We are a group of high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands that joined forces to work on solutions for the big challenges of the future at the cutting edge of technology. We call this the Big 5 of High Tech: 3D metal printing, remote sensoring and big data, robotics, visual intelligence and all-electric propulsion. We do this by using the latest technology and developing in-house if necessary. We can do this because of the unique collaboration between our R&D departments that, instead of competing with each other, support and reinforce each other. The result of this collaboration is more than 50 new product innovations a year worldwide. These introductions include products that save people’s lives, render the control of complex systems easy, adjust products to the individual needs and wishes of consumers, and make data needed for further improvement of food quality accessible. Our collaboration is called Innovation Cluster Drachten and is the heart of the smart factory region in Northwestern Europe.