This is B&S
B&S is a tech company in the consumer goods industry with a very strong global
network. We bring parties in the value chain all over the world together that are in many
ways difficult to connect. B&S exists to make premium consumer goods available to
everyone, anywhere. By partnering up with the world’s premium consumer brands in
beauty, liquors, personal care, food, health and consumer electronics we can serve
millions of consumers daily - either directly or through our wholesaler and reseller
We believe that getting access to consumer products that bring joy and comfort into
everyday lives, should be easy around the globe. With our ever-growing international
network and physical local presence, we bring suppliers, logistics partners, wholesalers,
retailers and consumers all over the world together that are in many ways difficult to

Discover your REACH
Reliable, Eager, Agile, Curious, and Human are our brand’s five essential values. These
are the values that permeate our company and attitude. Fundamental to our success,
we cultivate them to perfection, every single day.

Are you ready to chart new territories?
For people with a go-for-it mentality and a willingness to reach out of their depth. For
those who are comfortable doing things they never did before, opportunity at B&S
awaits around every corner. Discover your reach with us. 


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